Watchbear Newfoundlands 
Jeanne & Terry Fashempour,  Medina OH     

     Watchbear's Theodore Roosevelt "Teddy" OFA  

Black, Landseer Recessive

Sire: Black Watch's Maverick OFA   Dam: Watchbear's Apache OFA

Watchbear's Nightwatch Sailor
(Landseer) OFA "Sailor" was a sweet

loving dog who got along with everyone and loved belly rubs.

30" Tall, OFA Hips, Elbows, and Heart, Cystinuria normal, frozen

 semen available.


Watchbear's Smokey The Bear

(gray) OFA "Smokey" was a lover 

who bounced like Tigger to show how excited he was to see you

29" Tall, OFA Elbows, Heart, Cystinuria normal, X-rays available

Black Watch's Maverick

(Black) OFA "Maverick" Excellent

structure and movement, affectionate dog. 

30" Tall, OFA Hips, Elbows, Patella's, Heart, eyes clear, Cystinuria

clear. AKC pointed, two majors




  Can. & U.S. Champion Moonfleet's Arnold Schwartznewf 

NCA DD  OFA, OF-EL, OF-CA, OF-PA, CERF, Cystinuria Normal 

      Black, landseer & grey recessive 



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