Watchbear Newfoundlands 
Jeanne & Terry Fashempour,  Medina OH     



Please print out form, fill in all information and mail with a check for $100 to Watchbear Newfoundlands 1000 Ledge Rd. Medina, OH 44256
Make checks payable to: Jeanne Fashempour

Received from:______________________________________________ Date____________ One hundred dollars ($100.00)

as a deposit on one AKC Registered Newfoundland Dog. Check #_____________ or Cash____

Address:__________________________________City:________________________________________ State:______ Zip:______________

Phone:__________________________________ Phone:_______________________________ Fax:_________________________________

E-mail:__________________________________________________________________________________________ (Please print clearly)

Preferred color:________________  Preferred sex:_______________  Intended use:______________________________________________

Do you have children?________ What ages_____________________________ Do you want an active dog __________or subdued________

Do you have a fenced yard___________ Other pets______________ Experience with large breed dogs_______________________________

Other information you would like to share:________________________________________________________________________________






Please call me whenever a puppy is available no matter what the color or sex_________

If no puppies are available from the current breedings please hold for next available litter______  or Please refund deposit________

Buyers Signiture:___________________________________________________  Date____________

Sellers Signiture: ___________________________________________________ Date received:____________

The date your deposit is received determines your order of pick. Please be aware we do not manufacture dogs, we are at the mercy of nature and therefore cannot guarantee delivery by any specific date. This deposit is only refundable if we cannot supply you with a puppy and you check refund deposit thereby forfiting your place in line. If you elect to pass on a litter that is available to you, your deposit becomes non-refundable, however you may remain in line for a puppy at any time in the future that may be more suitable or convenient for you.

Watchbear Newfoundlands 1000 Ledge Rd.  Medina, OH 44256        330-416-2338

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A. Owner agrees to the following conditions upon purchase:

1. Newf shall receive proper amounts of food and water as necessary for the health and welfare of Newf.
2. Newf shall receive proper medical care by a qualified veterinarian as necessary for the health and welfare of Newf.
3. Newf shall be given necessary exercise; either in a fenced area or walked on a leash. Newf is never to be left tied up or chained outdoors or knowingly allowed to roam unattended.
4. Owner agrees to return Newf to Breeder if at any time owner cannot keep the Newf. Owner will not place Newf in another home without written consent of the breeder. Owner agrees to surrender Newfs AKC registration and microchip registration signed over to breeder when newf is returned to breeder. ________(Initial here, see penalty clause)
5.Owner agrees to allow breeder or breeder's representatives to visit the Newf if at any time it is suspected that the Newf is being abused or not cared for properly and will allow breeder or breeder's representative to take the Newf for purposes of finding the Newf a new home.
6. Owner agrees not to allow Newf or any puppies resulting from a breeding of Newf to be raffled off, or sold or consigned to pet shops or animal wholesalers.
7. Owner agrees to send in the litter registration with the breeders prefix in the Newfs name to AKC to be transferred to the owners name, and to register the microchip in the owners name.

B. Breeder agrees to the following:

1. Breeder warrants that owner is buying a purebred Newfoundland Dog and that thhey will furnish to the owner the Newf's AKC litter registration paper after final payment has been received or upon receipt of registration papers from AKC, whichever  occurs later.
2. Breeder guarantees Newf has had proper care to date and is in good health as it leaves breeder's possession. Owner is given five days from the date of this contract to have the Newf examined by the veterinarian of the owners choice to confirm this fact. If at that time, the health of Newf is found to be contrary to the above statement, owner shall notify breeder and provide a signed written statement from a licensed veterinarian describing the Newfs condition and shall return the Newf to the breeder within three days of the veterinarian examination. Breeder will either correct the health condition, or replace with another puppy of equal value provided the Newf is mentally and physically in the same condition as when purchased. Breeder is not responsible if the Newf contracts a communicable disease after leaving breeders possession. We do not pay for surgery, we have performed due diligence by health testing all breeding dogs prior to breeding, and have doen so for 40 years. We also supply our puppy buyers with 30 days of FREE health insurance at the time of purchase, we highly recommend continuing with a health insurance plane to cover expensive health issues.
3. Breeder guarantees the Newf against any physical congenital defect causing death or making necessary euthanasia of Newf until two years of age. Upon receipt by breeder of a letter and test results from a reputable veterinarian stating Newfs condition and that in his opinion this condition is congenital, Newf will be replaced with a puppy of equal value at breeders convenience. To be covered by this guarantee the following conditions apply:
   a.) Newf must be owned by the original owner named in this agreement.
   b.) Newf must not have been used for breeding purposes.
   c.) In the case of sudden demise of Newf, breeder must receive a written notice of Newfs death from owner's veterinarian along with a complete necropsy report indicating the cause of death.
   d.) All written reports from the veterinarian must identify the Newf by their AKC name and MICROCHIP NUMBER.  
   e.) In the event of suspected severe hip dysplacia, the following procedure must be followed:
       1.) Notify Breeder by phone or letter.
       2.) Submit x-rays to breeder for evaluation by breeders veterinarian.
       3.) If Newf must be euthanized, a written notice from the owners veterinarian stating Newfs condition must be received by breeder prior to euthanasia. Euthanasia shall be performed at the owners expense.
       4.) Breeder reserves the right to have the Newf examined by a veterinarian of the breeders choice to determine to their satisfaction that euthanasia is unavoidable. If both the breeder's veterinarian and the owners veterinarian so agree, euthanasia shall be performed at the owners expense.
       5.) The cost of x-rays and examination by the owners veterinarian shall be paid by the owner. The cost of x-rays and examination by the breeders veterinarian shall be paid by the breeder. All transportation costs of the Newf for the examinations and x-rays provided for in this section and the above sections shall be paid by the owner.
       6.) Any replacement puppy concludes the guarantee arrangement on the original Newf. The replacement puppy does not carry a guarantee unless specified below.
       7.) Since it is impossible to predict the future development of  a newf puppy, there are no other warranties or guarantees either written or implied. Although breeder will grade the litter for future potential, such grading must be considered an educated guess at best, and the owner must understand that breeding quality or show quality are not guaranteed. The breeder cannot guarantee any Newf under twenty four months of age will OFA certify.
       8.) Any violation of this contract will void the guarantee and furthermore the owner will incur a $1000 penalty (payable to the breeder) if buyer does not relinquish the dog with AKC papers and microchip registration signed over to breeder, in the event they must give up the dog or they do not register the dog with the Watchbear's prefix.

In order for this agreement to be valid both parties must have a signed copy, no AKC or Microchip papers will be supplied until the breeder has a contract signed by the owner. 

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