Watchbear Newfoundlands 
Jeanne & Terry Fashempour,  Medina OH     


   New Puppy Update: 8/25/2020

Peaches has been bred to Maverick and will have black puppies end of October.

Mattie has been bred to Smokey and we expect a black, landseer, and possibly gray puppies, late October.

Cookie is being bred to Sailor and should have a litter of landseers in early November

Cali will be bred to Teddy and black puppies are expected in early November.

We are keeping our fingers crossed all these lovely girls conceive and have beautiful puppies.

We are trying our best to help everyone who wants a Watchbear in their life!

   Where did the name WATCHBEAR come from? The "Watchbear" was a character in the movie "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean". In the movie the Judge had a bear as a companion, who he called the "Watchbear". The Judge and the bear were best friends, they wrestled together, and when the Judge drank beer in his saloon he always gave the bear some. The bear was so devoted to the Judge that he died saving the Judge from a gang of outlaws attemping to assasinate him. When the Judge buried his beloved bear he built a huge stone monument to his memory simply inscribed "Here lies the WATCHBEAR" Now this is all based on legend but it actually sounds more like what a Newfoundland would do, maybe it actually was a newf, it wouldn't be the first time they were confused with bears!                
 Established in 1977 Breeding, and showing them ourselves, we finished many champions. We are proud members of the Newfoundland Club of America and in 1980 founded the local "Penn-Ohio Newfoundland Club", with the goal of hosting the first National Specialty Show in our area. In 1990 we did just that as show chairman it was an experience I will never forget. We are proud members of the Newfoundland Club of America "Breeders List " and as such must adhere to a strict code of ethics. Our breeding program is aimed at producing the best looking, physically and emotionally healthy dogs we can. This requires taking many genetically transmitted traits into consideration for a well balanced mating that will produce a well balanced litter of puppies. All our puppies are sold with a two year written guarantee. Puppies range in price from $2400 with most $2,500 - $2,600 but a very special puppy may be as much as $2800-$3000, depending on the breeding. Each puppy is individually evaluated and priced based on it's conformation and future potential.                
   Our puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis. The person with the earliest date of deposit, reserves for themselves the first place in line (so to speak) to select their puppy at eight weeks of age. Whether you want the pup with show or breeding potential or the family pet. By eight weeks of age the  puppies will have been examined by a veterinarian, had their hearts checked, received their first puppy shot and been wormed several times. We also microchip all our puppies as a means of positive identification, to aid in their safe return home should they ever be lost. A $100 deposit is required to reserve your "Watchbear" puppy.
   Outside the dogs have 40' long dog runs 15' of which are covered. Inside the floors are heated in winter and cooled with ceiling fans in the summer. We have a kitchen for food prep, a lab area for tests, a grooming room, and a reception room with TV and sofa bed. They have 34 acres and a pond to play in. We breed our dogs naturally as well as by artificial insemination, and are capable of shipping fresh chilled semen anywhere Fed-Ex will deliver. We are lucky to be located within 40 minutes of Animal Clinic Northview an ICG cryogenic semen storage and collection facility. Home of Dr. Robert Hutchison & Dr. Brian Greenfield and their team of canine reproduction experts. Dr, Hutchison lectures all over the world. We attend seminars to keep abreast of breeding technigues and new health developments' in the field. To see OFA certifications visit
 We take breeding seriously and because we of this we are sucessful at getting our girls pregnant and lowering puppy mortality. We are a family business and plan for Watchbear's to be around for generations to come. Visitors are welcome to visit the kennel anytime. Please call Jeanne or Terry Fashempour to make an appointment.
   330-416-2338  (Cell-text or call)

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Watchbear's Melody, the search & rescue newf

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